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Masjid Jamia-e-Imania from the beginning of its establishment has rendered valuable services to the faith of Islam and has trained distinguished clergymen, competent professors, teachers and has created famous preachers and worthy authors who throughout the period of one and a half centuries were busy performing their duty to the Shia community.

Jamia-e-Imania in the past had an endowed property through which all its financial and economic needs were fulfilled and was used to provide continuous income. Hence, the Jamia had no need for public help and it was managed without any financial difficulties. 

But unfortunately with the passage of time this Jamia faced certain unpleasant situations as a result of which it saw some setbacks the most important of which were two things:

  1. After the independence of India, when the law prohibiting private land ownership was passed, the Jamia lost all its endowed properties.
  2. The slow inclination towards stagnation and suspension of educational programmes as a result of incompetent management and lack of serious and devoted activities.

During this period which lasted for nearly 40 years Jamia-e-Imania lost all of its specialities and its activities dropped to a very low level, due to which reason this Jamia withdrew from public services and in the suburbs of Banaras it deteriorated to an unknown and forgotten establishment.

But with the grace of Allah (swt) and special favours from Imam-e-Zamana (a.f.s.) in the last quarter century this Jamia has started a new life again. It was rejuvenated in the year 1983 with the help of Hujjatul-Islam wal-Muslimeen Maulana Syed Mohammed Husaini (Chairman, Board of Directors) and currently under his leadership it is planning to traverse the road to progress and is endeavouring to attain its divine aims.

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