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old-boarding-house.jpg Jamia-e-Imania is the first and the oldest Shia religious seminary which was founded by a visionary landlord of Banaras, the late Maulvi Khursheed Ali Khan, on the proposal of the late Quazi Maulana Syed Bande Ali Sahab, Chief Justice of Banaras, in the year of 1287 (Hijri) / 1866 AD. 

The city of Banaras is one of the most important and holiest cities and a great religious, cultural and academic centre for Hindus. It is also known as the city of temples.

The city is located on the bank of River Ganges, which Hindus regard as the most sacred river in the world from which they seek spiritual blessings and is also referred to as 'Mother'. Banaras is at present one of the most ancient cities of the world and one of the largest commercial centre of North-East India. Hence the establishment of a religious Islamic seminary in such a city, as a base for the propagation of Islamic teachings and to enunciate the school of monotheism, is of great importance.

From this point of view Jamia-e-Imania enjoys precedence in this field to all other theological centres in the sub-continent. 

Goals of establishment

  • Higher religious education and missionary activities.
  • Disseminating the knowledge and the wisdom of our last Prophet (phuh&hp) and 12 Imams (a.s.).
  • Protecting the pure Mohammadan Islam and the real teachings of the Holy Qur'an and Ahl-ul-Bayt (a.s.).


Academic Level

  • A 10-year course of instruction leading to the title of  'SHAMS-UL-AFAZIL'



  • A very significant role in the propagation and survival of Ithna Asheri school of thought, through education, training and production of a large number of ulamas, professors, authors, preachers and Khateebs.
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