All kinds of public contributions are required to further our projects, especially regular financial support.

How to contribute


  1. Donate Khums and other religious dues (Ruqoon-e-Shar'eiyyah). The institution has the ejazah from the most renowned Maraaje-e-Ezam.
  2. Enroll as a general member (£150/= for a year).
  3. Sponsor a student (£200/= for a year). 
  4. Donate in the food fund (according to your Taufeeq). 


A golden opportunity of earning sawab-e-jaareyah for yourself or your marhoomeen.

  1. General donations in the building fund (no minimum/maximum limitations).
  2. Special contributions in the building fund (£1000/= to £2000/=) to enter the name in a combined list/allot individual name plate.